The Center for Christian Formation and Leadership

Who We Are:

The Center for Christian Formation and Leadership (CCFL) in the Diocese of Southeast Florida is a learning center for adults seeking continuing education in theological studies, as well as spiritual and pastoral formation in the theory and practice of church leadership. The CCFL provides opportunities for both practical training and theological reflection, to serve as effectively as possible the local needs of the Episcopal Church in Southeast Florida, including the needs of congregations, schools, and special ministries. By enriching our understanding of the ministry of all the baptized, graduates of CCFL programs take active roles in our congregations and in the world to make the transforming love of Jesus Christ come alive in our time and make it known to all people, everywhere.

The CCFL emphasizes academic rigor, Episcopal identity in conversation with the rich history of the Anglican tradition, and a deep commitment to pastoral ministry and service. The CCFL supports anti-racist pedagogies, multi-cultural approaches to learning, and opportunities for acknowledging and exploring the diverse languages, ethnicities, cultures and traditions that enrich our experience as Episcopalians in this diocese.

Students at the Center for Christian Formation and Leadership fall into two different categories:

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    Students working towards completion certificates in specific concentration fields must enroll in courses following the progression of the CCFL curriculum. Students in Diaconal Studies receive a Certificate of Diaconal Studies upon completion of their coursework. Students in Anglican Studies receive a Certificate of Anglican Studies after completion of their coursework. The CCFL also offers concentration certificates in Parish Leadership, Pastoral Care, and Preaching, as well as subject concentrations in Church History, Biblical Studies, and Spirituality and Theological Formation.

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    Students who are not seeking academic credit for their work may elect to take one or more courses per semester as their interest dictates and as the logical progression of the different courses of study allows. We welcome students who wish to join us for this limited study to "test the waters" of theological education as part of their discernment for ministry or to strengthen the ministries in which they are already engaged.

Headshot of The Reverend Dr. Robyn Neville

The Reverend Dr. Robyn Neville

Director of the Center for Christian Formation and Leadership

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What We Offer:

Courses are offered through a combination of online learning opportunities, webinars, and in-person formation groups. Day-long retreats are offered periodically to give students a chance to worship and learn together, to ask deeper questions in small groups, and to reflect on their formation in the Episcopal tradition.

The Center for Christian Formation and Leadership currently offers the following academic concentrations in theological studies and pastoral formation:

  • Lay Preaching

  • Lay Worship Leadership

  • Parish Administration and Leadership

  • Anglican and Episcopal Studies

  • Diaconal Studies

  • Spirituality and Theological Formation

  • Biblical Studies

Classes in the fields of theology and theological ethics are also offered on a limited basis.

For information about our latest slate of classes, and to register, please send an email to [email protected].

The Center for Christian Formation and Leadership

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