About The Church

With an open heart and open mind, we welcome you.

We welcome people of all walks of life to join our churches, schools, and communities to strengthen and deepen their relationships with Jesus Christ. The Episcopal Church in Southeast Florida is a home where all members of our vastly diverse communities are loved equally and cherished for the spirit they bring to our faith. Through our ministries and presence in the wider community, we work to create a more just world for us all.

Who We Are

Founded in 1969, The Episcopal Church in Southeast Florida remains a pillar of faith in our community. Under the guidance of Bishop Peter Eaton, the Episcopal Church in Southeast Florida works to support the parishioners, leaders, congregations, and schools within our diocese. No matter where you come from or whom you come with, you'll find that our Episcopal congregations and schools share common values and a welcoming spirit.

  • 76 churches throughout six regions including the Keys, North and South Dade, Broward, and North and South Palm Beach

  • 276 clergy ministering to over 33,000 parishioners

  • A variety of diocesan ministries and outreach programs, including our Immigration and Social Justice Ministry

  • 18 schools educating thousands of children Grades PreK-12

Schools that lead through excellence and values

Parishes that connect and celebrate

Ministries that care for the greater good

What We Do

Located in Miami, Florida, our Bishop's Office serves as a central place for parishes, schools, and individuals to access spiritual and administrative resources. As part of The Episcopal Church, you face every challenge with the support of the Bishop's Office. Our staff leaders use their knowledge and experience to aid clergy, parishioners, and school leaders alike.


What are we doing for individuals?

We help you grow in your faith in Christ.
You are loved by God. Whether you're new to the Church or need a renewed perspective, we welcome you to learn how we worship, pray, serve, and celebrate together.


What are we doing for current parishioners?

We inspire you to do good and be well.
We can help you put your faith into action: finding your purpose, strengthening your community, creating a more just society, serving your neighborhood, your city, and the world.


What are we doing for our lay and ordained leaders?

We empower you to strengthen your church or school.
You're doing the work of the Church for your community, and you don't have to do it alone. The Bishop's Office is here to support you in all that you do. Any help you need—just ask.