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Director of Youth Ministry 
Saint Gregory Episcopal Church - Boca Raton, FL 33432

Saint Gregory’s Mission and Vision: “Transforming Hearts and Community Through Jesus’ Love”

Saint Gregory’s is a resource sized congregation located in the dynamic coastal community of Boca Raton in the diverse Diocese of Southeast Florida.

Specific Goals for Our Director of Youth Ministry (DYM):

  • DYM will focus on making disciples and teach the “eternal principles” of faith as defined as each person’s primary identity as a child of God and follower of Jesus Christ.
  • DYM will build a Christ-centered community of fellowship.
  • DYM will make youth feel welcomed, supported and safe at all church ministry events.
  • DYM activities will empower youth to take ownership of the program and be leaders within it.
  • DYM will encourage youth participation and service in the life of the church, the community, and the world.


Position Description Summary

The Director of Youth Ministry is a 30 hour a week position with health and pension benefits that provides consistent, effective and joyful coordination of our programs with our youth and their families. A strong priority for this position is finding a person who is achievement-oriented, energetic, loving and open-minded to be part of our Christ-centered team as we place renewed emphasis on the spiritual growth of our youth and of our congregation at large. We envision a person who possesses the gifts of grace and humility to meet members and non-members alike, wherever they are at in their spiritual journey, with the Spirit-driven goal to move them into a life of ever growing faith and discipleship.


Skills, Gifts and Passions for Ministry

  • Passion for loving and serving God in Jesus Christ and energy for being part of the Episcopal branch of “The Jesus Movement.”
  • Joy, enthusiasm, energy and effectiveness in encouraging young people for spiritual growth, formation and discipleship.
  • Joy in working collaboratively and creatively with the Rector, Assistant Rector, staff, the Youth Ministry Leadership Team, and other ministry leaders.

Specific Responsibilities and Expectations

The Director of Youth Ministry (DYM) is appointed by and is accountable to the Rector, and extends and supports the Rector’s ministry in terms of youth programs in the parish, community and diocese. The DYM will also work closely with the Assistant Rector, who has the responsibility for coordinating family ministries.

The DYM will:

  • Keep the focus of all programming in line with overall congregational goals for spiritual growth and with specific goals set for Youth Ministry.
  • Encourage youth to discover and develop their spiritual gifts and to use them in service to others.
  • Foster integration of youth into other ministry areas within the church.
  • Continue to develop and lead volunteer Youth Ministry Leadership Team in designing and implementing a year-round program for middle school- and high school-aged youth and their families. Encourage youth participation in program leadership.
  • Facilitate Safeguarding God’s Children and Safeguarding God’s People programs for youth, families and the congregation.
  • Develop and implement an annual mission/pilgrimage experience for youth.
  • Provide support for the Confirmation program for youth.
  • Assist clergy in providing pastoral care for youth ministry families.
  • Coordinate participation in diocesan retreats and programs (e.g., Kanuga Youth Week, New Beginnings, Happening, etc.) and work collaboratively with diocesan youth leaders.
  • Communicate regularly with Youth Ministry families and the public via a variety of communications platforms and social media.

Specific Position Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree and 3+ years of experience working with youth and children
  • An active growing Christian faith

Deadline to apply: Friday, September 15

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $20.00 /hour


Have  an opening at your parish or diocesan ministry? Submit it to eduardo@diosef.org or Grapevine@diosef.org for inclusion in Grapevine and on this page of our website.