Health Ministry

About the Health Ministry

In keeping with mission of National Episcopal Health Ministries

Our Vision

 Is that every congregation becomes a vibrant, caring place of health and wholeness.


To promote Health Ministry in every congregation in the Diocese of Southeast Florida, while assisting these congregations to reclaim the Gospel imperative of health and wholeness.

Welcome to Health Ministries of Southeast Florida.  We would like to hear from every congregation with a Health Ministry, in order to maintain communication. We would like to have your name, phone number and name of your parish. Let us know of any health related activities that you are involved in and the dates of any upcoming events.


Monthly Health Awareness

Eat your fruit and veggies! Follow these tips for a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner!


Calling on Health Ministers/Parish Nurses for position of Health Ministries Deanery Coordinator.
For more information contact Dr Helen Bhagwandin

View more Health Ministries information on national health ministries.

For more information on diocesan ministries contact:

Dr. Helen Bhagwandin
Regional Representative, Province IV
Health Ministry Liaison 

Dr. Carlos Sandoval
Canon for Health Ministries