Diocesan Officers & Executive Board

The Executive Board of the Diocese

The Bishop and President

The Right Reverend Peter Eaton   


The President of the Standing Committee 

The Reverend Doctor Todd Cederberg   

The Secretary 

Canon Richard Miller  email button.png

The Treasurer

Canon Tom Huston  email button.png

The Chancellor

Mr. Charles Johnson, Esq  email button.png

Diocesan ECW President

Mrs. Gloria H. Clausell  email button.png

Youth Commission President

Mr. Remington Fiore  


Deans of the Deaneries

North Palm Beach

The Very Reverend James Harlan (2017) email button.png

Palm Beach

South Palm Beach

The Very Reverend Wendy Tobias (2018)
St. Joseph's
Boynton Beach


The Very Reverend Albert Cutie (2019)
St. Benedict's

North Dade

The Very Reverend Gregory Mansfield (2019) email button.png
St. Bernard de Clarivaux
North Miami Beach

South Dade

The Very Reverend Wilifred Allen~Faiella (2018)
St. Stephens


The Very Reverend Larry Hooper (2019)
St. Paul's
Key West


Clergy and Lay Representatives

North Palm Beach

The Reverend James Cook
Ms. Karen Philips Smith
Mr. John Archer

South Palm Beach

The Reverend Paul Rasmus
Mr. Terence Shepherd
Ms. Taylor Kilpatrick


The Reverend Mark Andrew Jones, BSG
Ms. Lonette Avery
Mr. Tim Meyerson

North Dade

The Reverend Terrence Taylor
Ms. Deborah Simms
Dr. Kathryn Wyche Latimore

South Dade

The Reverend Natalie Blasco
Ms. Krisan Lamberti
Mr.Steven Rowland


Ms. Michelle Lane